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Theme Press

Create branded and user-friendly digital workplaces,
making Atlassian Confluence engaging for everyone.

Create branded and user-friendly corporate intranets with Atlassian Confluence.


Amplify your unique culture with a look and feel that fits your organization.


Connect users to beautiful content, with elegant navigation and authoring.


Engage employees and drive alignment, connecting your people everywhere.


What is Theme Press?

Theme Press works seamlessly with Atlassian Confluence to create on-brand beautifully designed sites that engage users. Build dynamic, interactive homepages that showcase messaging and encourage browsing. Connect users to the right people, information, and processes with easy-to-use navigation and authoring tools. Theme Press removes barriers to adoption by letting users make design and content changes without programming. With Theme Press you can transform the look and functionality of your Confluence knowledge bases, intranets, websites, and portals.

How Theme Press Works

Theme Press gets you up-to-speed fast and easy. With one click, you can create a new intranet space, complete with example pages to explore and modify.

Theme Press is an app for creating on-brand beautiful themes (applied site-wide or by space), transforming your existing content and making new content creation easier and more consumable. Additionally, it is a per-page design app, offering highly customizable consumer-grade design functionality.

The app uses easy-to-edit template pages that define and format page elements, including options for header, footer, and banner areas. These pages can be copied, renamed, modified, and used as formatting alternatives, for an entire space or on a page-by-page basis.

Wondering what Brikit Theme Press does for Atlassian Confluence? You're looking at it.
This site was defined using our Methodology, and designed, built, launched and maintained on the Brikit platform.  #thisisconfluence

What You Can Do

Brikit Theme Press provides beautiful, consistently branded site design, allowing content to become friendlier and more accessible to users.

Product Support

Get a fully branded corporate intranet up and running quickly with a look and flexibility that fits your organization.