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Digital Workplace Design






Redesigning work to create happy people moving together with shared purpose.

How to approach Digital Workplace Design

Use four powerful design disciplines to craft a digital workplace
that fits your company and your people. 





Evolve into a Work From Home enterprise to engage and manage remote employees.


Brikit transforms Atlassian Confluence into a Digital Workplace Design platform.


Wondering what the Brikit platform does for Atlassian Confluence? You're looking at it.
This site was defined using our Methodology, and designed, built, launched and maintained on the Brikit platform. #thisisconfluence

Getting Started With Digital Workplace Design

You do it

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Your time, our talent.

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What Others Are Saying

"The Brikit team exceeds expectations at every turn. Phenomenal products, highly personalized service, tuned-in vision, and design-centered thinking is just the beginning. An enduring commitment to help us define what's next is what pushes this foundational partnership to the next level."

– Kerri Hoyt-Pack, The Liberty Collective


"Brikit has made possible the widespread adoption of Confluence in our Fortune 500 organization. Employees welcome the ease of use and upgraded look and feel, and content creators enjoy the additional design options. The Brikit staff is incredible to work with, and their platform has grown to include add-ons that offer useful additional functionality, several of which we have added to our instance."

– Tom Crespi, Graybar


"As a Senior Knowledge Manager and Confluence Administrator, I strive to increase knowledge usability, findability, and governance. Brikit's suite of products has allowed me oversight while giving space owners the control to design what their users want."

– Gina Groom, Airbnb

(Atlassian Marketplace Review)


"Theme Press is a great product! Gives a very easy way to create and edit a theme, menus, footers, and layouts. We love the tabbed blocks that we can create to organize content on a page. The company is responsive to needs and helpful."

– Michelle Vincent, Mercy Ships

(Atlassian Marketplace Review)


"Brikit Theme Press is an amazing plugin — it allows Confluence theme customizations in ways I never thought possible. Coupled with this great product is the support team — they are knowledgeable, responsive, and open to new ideas. Great work guys."

– Tran Le

(Atlassian Marketplace Review)