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Digital Workplace Design


We create great workplaces through four powerful
design disciplines that connect your people
to align, learn, contribute, and get work done.

Visual Design

Create inviting workplaces, build company culture, and reduce complexity to increase employee engagement and enhance understanding.

Reflect your community’s identify. Defer complexity without dumbing it down. Visually emphasize what’s important. Simplify participation. Make every contributor look great. Trust the whitespace.

Technology Design

Choose the right tools, get help where needed, and allow cycles for learning to minimize build cost, improve time to deliver, and simplify operation.

Build the right thing. Simplify goals. Prioritize what’s needed. Provide a consumer-grade user experience. Use a phased approach. Break down complex problems. Be conscious of platform features and limits. Build for extensibility.

Information Design

Make things easy to find, surface relevant content, and provide clear organization to reduce information overload and keep things fresh and relevant.

Design for growth and change. Present meaningful concepts. Build a meaningful taxonomy. Create intuitive navigation. Enforce security. Support the full information content lifecycle. Create self-maintaining feeds. Eliminate duplication. Automate contribution.

Solution Design

Turn nebulous goals and unclear possibilities into concrete storyboards to enable firm costs, clear timelines, and informed decisions.

Get all the right brains together up front, dig in, and uncover innovative solutions to your hard problems. Get validation with stakeholders and subject experts, and allow time for critical inspiration. Provide both individual and group think time.