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Redesigning work to create

happy people

moving together with

shared purpose.


Our passion is Digital Workspace Design.
Our values drive our work and fuel our vision.

Make Life Beautiful

Designing to enrich experience and enhance understanding.

We create beautiful spaces that reflect a community's identity so members feel they belong and want to contribute.

Design is our primary weapon against complexity and chaos.

We tease challenges apart until solutions are simple to build and intuitive to use. We trust the whitespace.

Fuel the Collective Mind

Connecting all voices with purpose, shared interests, and relevant experience.

We believe there are geometric curves for human potential.

We promote experimentation, organize ideas, and simplify presentation to stimulate creativity and sharing.

Engagement in this way can be explosive.

Be Smart, Keep Learning

Bringing everything we've got, and mixing it together on tough problems.

Our strongest efforts reach for simple solutions, easily communicated, and within reach.

For us smart is not a quality or state. The universe is expanding, and by exploring our limits, we gain the joy of learning.

Trust People

Creating respect, partnership, and powerful community.

Our trust weaves us together, into a fabric. It conveys freedom, unleashes creativity, and respects each other as individuals.

We can't imagine working without giving and earning trust every day.

Own It

Finding ways to improve ourselves, our products, and our communities.

Without a catalyst, change rarely happens.

Great change needs a champion to bring ideas and experience and hard work together.