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Brikit Services

Gear up for remote work with Brikit. Trusted by fast-growing and Fortune 500 companies and developed over more than a decade, Brikit service offerings follow our proven methodology to reliably design, build, launch, and operate digital workplaces that support remote teams.

Explore each service below, or check out our methodology  to see how they work together to accelerate employee on-boarding, retain company knowledge, build company culture and brand, and engage your entire organization.

Solution Discovery

Dive deeply into goals and requirements
for a clear and productive project foundation.

Solution Design

Dig in and uncover
innovative solutions to your
hardest problems.

Theme Design

Boost engagement by building company culture and making users
feel at home.

Information Design

Tune your site's structure and
product implementation to seamlessly
fit your organization.

Time and Talent

Gain guaranteed access to our experts, ready to guide you in the design and buildout of your digital workspace.

Site Buildout

Design, shape, and configure landing pages, spaces, taxonomy, menus,
and permissions.

Content Strategy

Develop robust blueprints and workflows, and plan for archiving and quality control across your site.


Strategize migration of existing content into your new digital workspace.

Launch Planning

Manage change with awareness campaigns, training, and scripted onboarding.

Custom Training

Receive goal-based mentorship from our team of experts, tailored to your digital workspace and unique needs.

Services Punchcards

Tap our experts to get unstructured help to smooth out speed bumps and navigate road blocks.

License Management

Simplify license management with annual POs and invoices aligned with your budget and procurement cycles.


Run fast and smoothly with health checks, upgrades, configuration, and performance tuning.