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Build community and connection as you engage your team
with what's trending in Atlassian Confluence.

What is Pinboards?

Brikit Pinboards aggregates content from multiple locations across your site, into a beautiful, accessible "tile" view, specifically configured to encourage connection and community around content. Instantly see what's trending across your enterprise, discover experts, muses, and like-minded people, and spark social engagement across your teams.


How Pinboards Works

The Pinboards Macro works with Confluence labels to determine content type for inclusion on a Pinboards-configured page. Aggregating content based on parameters specified in the macro, settings include space selection and content type. Macro settings control design of the resulting tiles. Pinboards uses the underlying social tools of Confluence to provide for likes and comments on each piece of aggregated content, using the behind-the-scenes Pinboards Attachment Macro to manage social comments.

What You Can Do

  • Assemble content from specific spaces or across your whole site to create Pinterest-like "tile" pages.
  • Zero in on specific content types, such as blog posts, user images or uploads, want ads, or company 'shout outs.'
  • Feature commenting and liking directly on the aggregate tile-view Pinboard page, keeping users in the stream of content, while replicating those comments back to page of origin.

Product Support

Build social networks that engage your team with what's trending in your Confluence site.