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Content Flow

Streamline business processes
and keep your information current in Atlassian Confluence.

What is Content Flow?

Brikit Content Flow offers easy business workflows for Atlassian Confluence. Take control of your content, keeping it fresh and relevant with streamlined approval and publication workflows, scheduled content releases, and planned archiving.

How Content Flow Works

The Content Flow app integrates seamlessly with your Confluence instance. For an approval or publication workflow, the app adds restrictions to your content, based on the workflow path you design, and only releases those restrictions when the appropriate users have approved the content. Alerting users when their approval is required, Content Flow adjusts restrictions and passes content forward (or back, if unapproved) according to the workflow rules. For scheduling, Content Flow applies restrictions that are set to your timeline and publishes as you desire. For archiving, the app sets up a review flag that is tied to your timetable, and based upon the reviewer's actions, either resets the clock, or moves the content to a chosen location.

What You Can Do


Review, track, notify, and forward content to automatically collect feedback, route information, and manage approvals.

  • Keep content hidden until fully approved with publication workflows.
  • Ensure specified users or groups have eyes on content with routing workflows.
  • Define as many stepped reviews are you like, in the order you wish.
  • Apply labels at each review step, leveraging control and search of content.
Archiving Policy
  • Control archiving reviews with specified timeframes for review.
  • Predetermine outcomes depending upon if the review is completed.

Set specific dates and times for publishing and archiving of content.

Product Support

Streamline business processes and keep your information current in Confluence.