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Blueprint Maker

Design reusable smart templates for Atlassian Confluence
pages and spaces, without coding.

What is Blueprint Maker?

Quickly spin up teams and projects with pre-wired ready-to-go workspaces, shaped and pre-populated with designs, workflows, navigation, and permissions settings, crafted for your specific needs. Focus your creativity on doing work, not finding or formatting it.


How Blueprint Maker Works

Start with specific design and functionality at the page or space level, then define and create blueprints through straightforward entries in one .json file. The behind-the-scenes code then translates that file into effortless Blueprint wizards, enabling one-click fully formatted page and space creation. Instantly crank out pre-wired workspaces, so your team can hit the ground running.

What You Can Do

  • Target pages and spaces for template creation.
  • Zero in on exact functionality in creation wizards, enabling users to effortlessly create highly-designed and managed content.
  • Control permissions and metadata with initial Blueprint setup decisions, ensuring your content is protected in addition to being beautifully designed and well organized.

Product Support

Design reusable smart templates for Confluence without coding.