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Targeted Search

Point-and-click advanced search for Atlassian Confluence,
helping your users find what they need, fast.

Keep pace with your fast-growing information needs.


Ensure your content is effortlessly discoverable.


What is Targeted Search?

As a powerful add-on to Confluence, Targeted Search takes the guesswork out of organizing content, helping users drill down to find exactly what they're looking for. Deployed to select spaces for team use, or site-wide for a consistent search experience, Targeted Search helps you keep pace with your fast-growing information needs.

How Targeted Search Works

Targeted Search maximizes search functionality with integrated search capability. Configured filter groups empowers the search experience, offering focused results similar to online commerce searches familiar to most users. Additionally, custom Targeted Search macros offer advanced on-page search functionality not available with out-of-the-box Confluence, tapping advanced labeling mechanisms and querying to surface information just where you want it.

What You Can Do

  • Tune search specifications space by space
  • Configure filter groups so users are empowered to drill in to exactly what they are looking for
  • Tightly control results, using specific filters and macros
  • Ensure consistency and avoid redundancy with the Label Select Field macro
  • Create custom searches from a button or link with the Targeted Search Link Macro
  • Empower attachment uploads with controlled labeling using the Upload Attachment Button Macro

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