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Theme Press

Using Color Palettes

Setting up a theme's pre-defined color palette.

The Color Picker

Users can access the theme color palette from any color selection field. For example, the Background expander in the Block 1 accordion has a Color setting. Once you select the text field for this setting, the color picker opens. You can see your theme's color palettes below the color picker.



Color Names

When defining your palette, Theme Press assigns a name to each color. This name appears in the text field for any setting using a palette color. Theme Press uses this naming convention to automatically populate your changes throughout the product.

Tints and ShadesDark$darkColor
Tints and ShadesMedium$mediumColor
Tints and ShadesLight$lightColor
GraysDark Gray$darkGrayColor
GraysMedium Gray$mediumGrayColor
GraysLight Gray$lightGrayColor