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Targeted Search 3.0

Release Date2020-12-21
Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
6.13 through 7.10
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Featured Improvements

New Search Panel replaces the Advanced Search page

The search panel slides in from the right side of the screen and presents a fully-featured interface for searching and filtering content. It also includes the ability to search Confluence's native search and to search using the Confluence Query Language (CQL).

Subcategories for deeper levels of filter organization

Targeted Search filters are Confluence labels with special enhancements for labeling, searching, and retrieving content. With Targeted Search 3.0, you can organize filters into nested levels using filter subcategories. This is a great solution for managing naturally hierarchical kinds of filters, like geographic locations and scientific taxonomies. You can also 'promote' filter groups and filters to prioritize their display in the search panel and label application window.

Automatically "cascade" filters to child pages

By right-clicking a filter on a page, you can automatically apply that filter to the page and all of its child pages. Any new child page created will automatically be tagged with that cascaded filter.

Customize the 'look and feel' of the Search Panel 

If you have both Targeted Search and Theme Press installed, then you can style the search panel according to your brand and theme

Additional Configuration Options

In the new Targeted Search Configuration Page, you can enable and disable the use of stylized rich links, give permission to non-system admins to manage the taxonomy, and customize tooltip text and other display options.

Many new design and configuration options and improvements

See the full list below.

Key Summary