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Theme Press 1.3

Release Date2015-04-23
Major Release?Yes
Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
5.3 - 5.7.4
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 Full Theming Everywhere
  • Full Theme Press application to search results, user profiles, and dashboard
  • Menu, headers, and footers appear everywhere, including Confluence Questions and Team Calendars
 Navigation with New Topic Tree Macro
  • Label-based tree navigation across spaces
  • Use for better blog and page navigation
  • Keeps users out of space admin pages when browsing by label
 New Clickable Image Maps
  • New Image Map and Image Map Area macros
  • Provide graphical navigation to your users
 Improved Mobile Experience and Configuration Options
  • Create mobile versions of page layouts
  • More restrict content options for mobile users
  • Improved mobile search
  • Improved user profiles view on mobile
  • Improved mobile page design features
 Collapsible Blocks for Dynamic Designs and Complex Navigation
  • Allow blocks to toggle open and closed
  • Choose whether to initially display or collapse blocks
  • Collapse blocks on mobile views for more compact displays
 Use HTTP Header Fields to Identify Visitors
  • New options in Restrict Content Macro enable header-based identification of users
  • Use to identify visitors by location, for example
  • More flexible content display based on HTTP header fields
 Rotate Content Macro Improvements
  • Smoother rendering and better performance
  • Reduced load on server

60+ features, fixes, and improvements

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