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Theme Press 1.2

Release Date2015-02-15
Major Release?Yes
Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
5.3 - 5.7.4
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 Social intranet demonstration space
  • Ready to explore demo space with preconfigured menus, footers, and content
  • Macro examples and to explore and copy/paste, covering key Confluence and Theme Press macros
 Tour Guide
  • Steps through key product features
  • Doubles as a training resource for new users
 More built-in themes
  • Three themes installed
  • Additional free themes available through the Theme Gallery
 One-click configuration
  • One button installs the intranet demo plus all needed Theme Press components and themes
  • One-click uninstaller to make evaluation a snap
 Six built-in layouts
  • Blog
  • Clean (for home pages and highly designed sites)
  • Elastic (fills the browser)
  • Handbook (for documentation and general collaboration)
  • Slide ()
  • Unsocial (no comments, likes, and labels)
 Improved theme designer and theme management
  • More flexibility in copying and downloading themes
  • Ability to see where layouts are used
  • Better designer organization
 More mobile view configuration
  • Create special headers and footers for mobile users
 Font stack management
  • One place to change the fonts everywhere

Confluence Data Center support

Confluence 5.7 support

100+ features, fixes, and improvements

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