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Theme Press 1.1

Release Date2014-04-28
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Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
5.3 - 5.4.4
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 Responsive and Adaptive Mobile Displays
  • Auto-adjusting content
  • Hide selected content
  • Provide alternate content for mobile views
  • Create mobile-specific menus and footers
 Downloadable Themes
  • Theme Gallery in-app and on the Atlassian Marketplace
 New Macros
  • Catalog Navigator
  • Page Title
  • Rollover Image Link
  • Rotate Content
 Key Performance Improvements
  • Draft management and caching
 Add-on Compatibility
  • Confluence Questions
  • Team Calendars
 Deployment Management
  • Ability to import/export subset of architect pages
 Over 80 Improvements and Fixes
  • See the following tabs for specifics

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