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Targeted Search


Targeted Search 1.1

Release Date2017-03-10
Major Release?Yes
Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
5.8.2 - 6.9.3
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  • A new macro, "Label Select Field," displays applied filters and their groups for the current page. It also allows for multiple labels to be selected from the filter group. (SEARCH-430SEARCH-412
  • We created a Search Results List macro (SEARCH-133
  • We've added the ability to center Targeted Search macros (SEARCH 476)
  • Targeted Search Filters upload validation now reports which labels are failing (SEARCH-458
  • A new Content Query macro allows for more flexible searches than those using the Content by Label macro (SEARCH-453
  • We've added the ability to make filter groups collapsible on the Targeted Search results page (SEARCH-450
    • Filter groups are now also collapsible on the labels applicator (SEARCH-422
    • Filter groups are now also collapsible on the configuration screen (SEARCH-288
  • Selected filters on the Search Results page now appear under search terms (SEARCH-442
  • The product now allows searches to use filters to target space categories (SEARCH-424)
  • We've updated the Filter Groups UI for choosing space categories (SEARCH-423
  • We've added the option to search the same space categories as the current space in the Search Field and Search Link macros (SEARCH-408
  • A Confluence Questions link has been added to Search Results (SEARCH-360
  • Targeted Search documentation to align macros (SEARCH-482
  • We've confirmed compatibility between Confluence Data Center and Targeted Search (SEARCH-406SEARCH-358

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