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Blueprint Maker 1.1

Release Date2017-03-17
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Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
5.8.2 - 6.7.3
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  • Allows the copying of Confluence templates when copying a space (BLUEPRINT-5)
  • Supports a 'file upload' field type in the Blueprint Wizard (BLUEPRINT-16)
  • You can now configure a button to create a specific page blueprint (BLUEPRINT-23)
  • Page blueprints can now pre-populate the space-level field values when a new page is created in that space (BLUEPRINT-24)
  • A deferred-substitution field notation now exists that converts to normal field notation once the blueprint is run (BLUEPRINT-26)
  • Allow pages to convert to using a blueprint. If the page was previously created using a blueprint, the original data values populate the wizard (BLUEPRINT-28) (BLUEPRINT-36)

  • A 'View Permissions' option has been added on Blueprint pages and spaces to control who can view them (BLUEPRINT-39)

 Added Documentation
  • Documentation for the 'List Blueprint Fields' Macro (BLUEPRINT-25)
  • Documents the full list of built-in Substitution Fields (BLUEPRINT-37)
 Compatibility Issues
  • Blueprint button macro now opens wizard in IE 9-11 (BLUEPRINT-22)

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