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Blueprint Maker


Blueprint Maker 2.0

Release Date2019-11-11
Compatibility with
Confluence Server and Data Center
6.6.0 - 6.15.9
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  • New Live Blueprints
  • New REST API
  • Performance improvements

Fixes & Improvements

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Fixes & Improvements

issue icon ImprovementBLUEPRINT-118Add REST API for creating and updating spaces and pages from blueprints
issue icon ImprovementBLUEPRINT-113Add live blueprints capability
issue icon ImprovementBLUEPRINT-111Differentiate between standard blueprints and live blueprints
issue icon ImprovementBLUEPRINT-102Minimize sleep time for calls to safeId()
issue icon ImprovementBLUEPRINT-84Make execute methods in macro not synchronized