The practice of defining how your site will look and feel.

Theme design (or "theming") is the practice of developing a theme for your Confluence site with Brikit Theme Press.

When you develop a theme, you can make decisions about:

You can also make decisions about the appearance, sizing, positioning, and/or styling of the following:

  • Space or site banners
  • The Confluence Header
  • The Confluence Page Tools Menu
  • The page canvas
  • A page's header area, including any Theme Press header content
  • Logos
  • The Confluence search box
  • The Simple Toolbar
  • Menus created from architect pages
  • A page's title area, including how page titles appear in layouts that include them
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Page creation and modification date information
  • Content layers
  • Content columns
  • Content blocks
  • Tabs of tabbed blocks
  • Expander block triggers
  • Blocks configured to "spin"
  • Page label display and "like" interface, plus the surrounding area that encapsulates both
  • Page comments and their surrounding area
  • A page's footer area, including footer content and block design

Theming also allows you to control the look and feel of the following macros:

Any of the above can be configured in the Theme Designer by any member of a user group that has been granted permission to access the Theme tab in the Theme Press Control Panel.