A sequence of reviewers who must approve a page for it to be considered complete.

Brikit's Content Flow makes it possible for a page to proceed through a series of reviews and approvals by individual users. This process is called a workflow. The workflow is a predefined set of steps, where each step contains a reviewer and an optional label. Upon completion of the workflow, a page is considered completed, either 'published' and visible if using a Publishing Workflow, or 'fully acknowledged' in the case of a Routing Workflow.

Workflows are a useful way to manage the interaction between content (pages), authors, copy editors, and approvers. For example, if your organization requires that all content be approved by a central body, such as the Internal Communications Department, then a workflow helps to ensure and track this process. In this case, a workflow might advance from the page author, to a copy editor, and then on to an Internal Communications reviewer for final approval; upon approval, the content is published and visible to the rest of the organization.

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