A zipped collection of files, created via the Theme Designer, which controls the overall look and feel of content.

A theme determines the visual display of page elements, such as type and color choice. Font selection, color palettes, heading choices, default body-content display, and link styles are all examples of the many design choices determined at a base level in a theme.

  • All pages in a space with a chosen theme applied will by default use that theme's settings, though some elements can be overridden on the page-design level.
  • All spaces using Brikit Theme Press default to using a selected site theme.
  • Theme selection can also be specifically applied at the space level, overriding that site theme.

Confluence Default Theme vs. Theme Press Theme

The word "theme" is used by Atlassian to define a theming add-on, like Theme Press. Brikit uses the word "theme" to define an overall branded design created with the Theme Designer, and deployed within the Theme Press environment.

If you would like Theme Press to apply to all spaces in your site, select Brikit Theme Press as your Confluence Default Theme.