Accessing all of your options for theme design and management.

Managing and modifying themes requires you to enable the Theme Designer.

Navigate to the Theme tab in the Theme Press Control Panel

Access the Theme Press Control Panel and select the Theme tab.1

Toggle the Theme Designer On or Off

Use the On/Off buttons to enable/disable this menu.


If you are turning the Theme Designer on, you will see a warning message about how enabling these features will increase the performance load on the server.2 Review the message and click the "I understand..." checkbox to continue.

1Only authorized users may access the Theme Designer.

Add this back post initial launch:

See Controlling Design Tab Access for more info.

2Theme Press recalculates look-and-feel information every time a change is made in the Theme Designer (and also when responding to a force reload in most browsers).

These recalculations add to the performance load on the server.

For this reason, we recommend that you only design themes in a test or development environment, rather than in a production environment.


If using:

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