Templates for new spaces or pages, easily configurable.

Brikit Blueprints are custom templates from which users can create new spaces or pages that will share a consistent format.

It may be helpful for Blueprint authors to think of each Blueprint as consisting of two main components:

  1. The source space or page that will be copied whenever a new space or page is created
  2. Definition and configuration information for that blueprint, as defined in the JSON file

Blueprint source spaces and pages use Blueprint substitution fields. These are powerful elements that allow users to add content during Blueprint creation that will pre-populate the new space or page.

Brikit Blueprints are essentially enhanced Confluence blueprints that you can create without having to write a blueprint plugin from scratch.

Using Blueprints can save a significant amount of time and effort for content creators in cases where several similar spaces or pages must be produced.

For example, imagine that for each of your company's products you want a Product Home page and three child pages each describing the product (e.g. a Requirements page, a Budget page, and a Schedule page). After creating these archetypical pages (the source blueprints) and then defining a few substitution fields, such as product name and product description, plus some configuration in the JSON File, you are then ready to start making copies. An editor can then create a new Product Page set from the Blueprint Menu, type the specific product's name and description, and bingo: all four pages will be created, ready to go!