By Kathy Duke | October 7, 2015

Now Finding Your Stuff is as Easy as Buying Shoes on Zappos

Atlassian Confluence has a powerful search engine. It instantly combs through thousands of pages and attached files to retrieve search results. But if you're in a large or fast-growing organization that generates a large amount of content, you know that Atlassian Confluence search results aren't always 'on target'. And while Confluence's advanced search syntax is powerful, building complex queries can be time consuming and intimidating.

Targeted Search

With a few mouse clicks, users get immediate, on-target search results within Atlassian Confluence.

Brikit Targeted Search harnesses the power of the Atlassian Confluence search engine to bring users instant gratification: relevant, targeted search results—fast.

Point-and-Click Filtered Searching

Brikit Targeted Search adapts faceted search (or faceted browsing) to Confluence. If you've used popular online shopping sites, like or, you've used  faceted search.

In a nutshell, faceted search reduces complex search queries to a few simple mouse clicks, giving users immediate, on-target results without the need to master query syntax. Take as an example: their NavWow sidebar presents product features as lists of search options on the left side of the screen (under "narrow your choices"). With women's running shoes: you see options for size, performance, brand, color, price and weight. Color options include values such as gray, black, blue, and pink. The user instantly narrows down the results with each facet they click.

Brikit Targeted Search gives users the same experience when searching for content in Atlassian Confluence. It presents a similar sidebar, but with options defined by you, and relevant to your organization, content, and user needs. 

Create Relevant Options: You Define the Search Filters

Atlassian Confluence's built-in site search feature provides a limited set of filters: search by Confluence content type (pages, blog posts, etc), author, and others.

Brikit Targeted Search allows you to add search facets (or filters) that are relevant to your organization, your content, and your users' needs. For example, let's say you maintain product documentation in Confluence. You might use product names as search filters, and define your own content types that are more relevant to your users, such as: competitive analysis, marketing plan, budget, tutorials and customer success stories. You might specify filters for a department subset, geographic location, or type of user, such as managers. 

Under the covers, Brikit Targeted Search converts user selections to Atlassian's advanced search syntax, generating sophisticated queries that retrieve highly targeted content. And it allows users to browse more widely (and alter their queries) with the same ease. And because Brikit Targeted Search relies on Confuence's highly performant search indexing, a fast response is assured, avoiding user frustration and making Confluence search as simple as online shopping.

Make Content Easily Discoverable: You Define the Search Scope

Brikit Targeted Search gives you the tools to make content easily discoverable – in even the largest and most dynamic Confluence sites.  With Targeted Search macros, you can add preconfigured search fields and one-click search links to Confluence pages. Targeted Search fields, which resemble the Confluence site search field, are highly configurable: you can restrict search scope by space or space category, by custom search filters, by content types, or leave the search entirely open. Targeted Search link macros allow you to present a preconfigured search as a button or link, taking the user to highly targeted yet dynamically updated content with a single click. 

On the content-creation end, Brikit Targeted Search takes the guesswork out of organizing your content for maximum discoverability. The Targeted Search Labels Editor lets content-authoring users choose from the same pre-configured search filters you define for faceted searching and browsing. When users are finished with a page or ready to share content, they simply click to add search-relevant labels with the same ease as faceted browsing, ensuring consistent discoverability from the content creation stage. Pre-configured labels automatically organize pages, blogposts, files, and images so users don't have to waste time guessing at relevant search terms. And labels can be added as the team or project grows. Over time, the Targeted Search Labels Editor streamlines the content creation process and improves search quality.

Brikit Targeted Search can optionally replace the built it Confluence Search field so users across your corporate intranet have a consistent 'Zappos-like' search experience. And with Brikit Targeted Search, there's no need to wait for the UPS delivery. Try Brikit Targeted Search: instant gratification for information-hungry users.