Image Map macro key and configuration options.



Attachment Pagedefines the page to which the image is attached; leave blank for the current page
  • page title

  • Theme Press Macros

  • PRESS:Theme Press Macros

Image Filenamedefines the complete filename of the image
  • filename
  • my-picture.png

Heightsets the height of the image
  • pixels
  • 600

Widthsets the width of the image
  • pixels
  • 800

Alignmentplaces image (1) inline with, (2) to the right or left of or (3) in the center of surrounding content
  • plain

  • left

  • center

  • right

  • plain

If using:

  1. Replace me with something to note about the content on this page that falls outside the scope of the Reference section; and
  2. Add the tight-bottom class to the Reference block above to narrow the gap between the two blocks.