Linking to pages and other content across your site.

Adding a Link

Navigate to "Insert Link" in the Confluence Editor.

From there, you can link an Internal or an External link by:

  • searching for an existing link
  • searching for recently viewed page
  • searching for files
  • searching for a web link
  • inserting a link into page using wiki markup

In all cases, the editor allows you to modify the displayed Link Text before you select Insert.

Removing or Modifying Links

Select the link text on a page.

  • To remove:
    • click on the link and select Unlink from the link properties toolbar 
  • To edit:
    • click on the link and select Edit from the link properties toolbar and choose Save


Internal Links

It's possible to create internal links to the following types of pages:

  • a standard page
  • a blog post
  • an attachment
  • a website
  • an email address
  • a heading on a page
  • an anchor on a page
  • an undefined page
  • a personal space or user profile
  • a Jira issue
  • a shortcut link

External Links

It's possible to create external links to the following types of pages: 

  • a heading
  • a comment
  • an anchor

  • Learn more: Insert Links and Anchors from Atlassian Documentation
  • Insert links to other site pages via the editor or the keyboard shortcut (instead of using the full URL). This ensures the link will be updated if the page moves, or the title is updated.
    • The insert link keyboard shortcut is ⌘K


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