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Learn about editing content blocks

With Theme Press, all your content lives in blocks. You'll work on the content by editing individual blocks. Just click a pencil icon and you're there.

In Confluence out-of-the-box, you edit an entire page of content at once. With the Theme Press add-on, we introduce layout columns and content blocks. All your site content resides in blocks. Editing individual blocks allows you to focus on one piece of content at a time. Moving blocks is easy, and you can have different layout configurations for columns and blocks.

Block Editing

You open Block Editing by choosing it from the hamburger menu or using the "x" key.

Once Block Edit is selected, you can edit any content block by clicking on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of that block.

The main block will be in focus, and will show that by having the pencil icon darkened. You can click "f" to move forward to the next editable block, or click "a" to move back to a previous block.

Start editing the active block without clicking the pencil by using the "e" key. Once you edit a block, it will remain the active block until you choose another.

Once you enter the block, you'll see content editing tools that should look familiar if you've worked with a word processing program such as Word.

If you click on a block in the Theme Press Designer menu, it will become the active block.

Moving Blocks

With all blocks closed, you can move any block on the page by clicking and holding on the drag bar (the cross-hatched bar at the top of the block), and dragging it to where you want it on the page.

Adding Elements

Your page is constructed of editable blocks within columns on the page. You use the Theme Press Designer menu (press "." to access it) to modify the layout of the page and add or remove elements.


Limitations on Confluence Collaborative Editing

Confluence Collaborative Editing is only partially supported in Theme Press, as outlined here

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