By Robbie Lee | December 26, 2014

Confluence provides much of what you'd expect in a content-collaboration tool. Your organization can centralize content and grant access to groups like employees, customers and vendors. Through a web browser, users can search for and add content. While most content-collaboration tools provide these features, the usability of Confluence makes this web app a pleasure for writing and sharing content.

Upcoming Articles

In an series of articles, we'll look closely at the following features.

Manage Content

Generally speaking, you manage Confluence content at the page level. You can re-arrange, edit and copy pages. You can also upload attachments and restrict the ability to view and edit pages. To learn the basics of managing content, review our User Experience - Atlassian Confluence 101 article.


As your site grows, searching for relevant content may become cumbersome. To help you, take a look at our Atlassian Confluence 101 - Search for Content article to learn a few tips about narrowing search results and targeting relevant content.

Share, Discuss and Track

Confluence provides features for:

  • sharing a page
  • adding comments to a page
  • watching one or more pages

In our next Confluence 101 article, we'll discuss the specifics of these features.

Configure and Design

If you're looking for more than Confluence out-of-the-box, we'll show you how add-ons and macros help you change the functionality and appearance of Confluence.