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You won't usually have to, but when you need to manage content width, the tools are available to you.

Theme Press dynamically implements most content width settings, based on architect and theme settings. There are some specific cases where you'll be managing content width directly.

Limited Options for Setting Width

To accommodate the dynamic nature of underlying Confluence, Theme Press provides a width setting for only a few page elements. For example, you can set the width of (1) columns in the page layout, (2) the header/footer page include and (3) other minor content like the logo or menu.

Setting Your Overall Content Width

The width for all content containers in set on the layout page. If you leave this setting blank, the containers and their content will stretch or shrink when the width of the browser changes.

How do I create a full-width page?

 Enter 100% for the Width setting.

Column Widths in the Page Layout

Theme Press ensures that content columns within a layer add up to 100%. For example, if your layout page has a layer with two columns and you do not define the width of those columns, Theme Press defaults the width of each to 50%.

Column 1Column 2

Width Values

Theme Press does not recognize pixels for column widths. Instead, use percentages in the Width field.

Troubleshooting Exact Percentage Widths for Columns

Theme Press dynamically adjusts content columns by calculating the underlying structure. If you are having trouble setting specific percentages for each column, you may wish to set these with the "Edit Entire Page" option.

A note of caution: we have a warning in the product that this is for "debugging only" - there are a number of important foundational structures underlying your Theme Press page accessible in this view. Please proceed carefully.

To do so, click on the ellipses (page controls) in your toolbar (click on the image below to enlarge), and select Edit Entire Page.

You will see a warning reflecting the note above. Click 'OK' and proceed. You will be able to select each content column and edit to set specific percentages before saving.

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