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Solution Design

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Turn difficult questions into concrete answers.



Brikit's Solution Design process gets all the right brains together up front, to dig in and uncover innovative solutions to your hard problems. Get validation with 'outside' experts, and allow time for critical inspiration, as well as individual and group think time. You'll end with a concrete, visual storyboard, and Informed decisions to move forward, as well as a firm estimate for time and cost needed.

In preparation for the multi-step process below, we'll first help you identify the focus of your problem, and select your core design team, as well as outside experts.

(Time needed for each step varies depending upon the unique problem at hand, but generally involves one or more meetings for each step, each one to two hours in length.)

Five Easy Steps



Inspiration and



  • High-level goals
  • Challenges and failure points
  • Journey map
  • Questions to answer

Hard or Nebulous Problem

  • Feedback from outside experts
  • Adjust definition
  • Independent gathering
  • Inspiration presentation
  • Solution design
  • Design review & selection
  • Storyboard
  • Feedback from outside experts
  • Adjust storyboard
  • Prepare estimates

Solution Design
Plan Of Attack
Cost, Skills, and Timelines

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