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Platform Administrator Training Overview

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This training will provide a fundamental understanding of platform features that relate to successful server and software administration of Brikit add-ons in an Atlassian Confluence and/or JIRA environment.

Training Length: Eight weekly 1-hour sessions

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this training, the Platform Administrator will be familiar with:

  • Server Sizing, Application Installation and Setup
  • Users, Groups, Directories and Global, Space and Page Permissions
  • Backups, Platform Structure, Cloning, Restoring Environments and Upgrades
  • Add-On Installation, Management and Licensing
  • Space Exports, Content and Add-on Data Migration
  • Reindexing, Storage Format Editing, Trash, Drafts and Versions
  • Complex Pages, Page Restrictions and Other Performance Gotchas
  • Health Monitoring, Performance Optimization and Options for Scaling

Target Learner: Systems Administrator with overall responsibility for installing and maintaining servers and software, specifically the Atlassian environment and Brikit add-ons.


This training is intended to be provided in one-on-one remote training sessions. The materials referenced during each session, however, are linked to the training outline and can be used independently. The training will also include assessment and "homework" exercises for ongoing learning post-class.

Apart from Confluence and the Brikit platform, the content of the course is developed to be tool agnostic. Some third party tools may be mentioned as examples.


  • Experience with Linux, database administration, and application administration

  • Attendees must use a Linux operating system/platform for running Confluence


During this course, you will install and configure Confluence, databases, and Brikit applications as part of the homework. You should have a computer able to run Confluence available for this purpose. A laptop will work–a server is not required.

If you need to make up a class, please email with an alternate time that will work for the training. Ideally, at least 24 hours is needed if a class needs to be rescheduled. Please keep in mind that rescheduling will extend the overall training schedule. 


  • We will reserve the first ten minutes of every class to answer any burning questions that you've encountered during homework. We're here to put out the fires! 
  • If we don't have an answer to your question/s immediately during the class, don't worry. We'll follow up ASAP with more information.
  • Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask questions. Every question is important and deserves care and time to answer properly and thoughtfully. We are here to make sure that you understand key aspects of the platform. Please don't be shy! 

Please come to the training with completed homework each week. Actively participating and practicing the material will help to reinforce your understanding of the platform. You'll probably spend ~2-4 hours per week on homework (depending upon the week, your background, and the complexity of that week's lesson). 

All trainings will be recorded so you don't have to worry about taking notes, watching a screen, asking questions, and trying to understand everything you've learned all at once. (Woah — sounds stressful.) Sit back and relax. You can always refer to the recording after your training session is complete.