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License Management Program

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Easy management of your complex Atlassian software and add-on licenses.

  • Simplified budgeting
  • Frictionless procurement
  • Seamless renewals
  • Multi-vendor management
  • Renewals tracking and alignment


Brikit will work within your budget and procurement cycles for new licenses and renewals to:

  • Support budget forecasts
  • Provide single, multi-vendor quotes and invoices
  • Generate automatic renewal quotes aligned with your procurement cycle
  • Synchronize renewal dates
  • Monitor vendors for price increases and provide alerts and "grandfather" quotes
  • Provision licenses with valid purchase order (for approved accounts)

Covered by the Service Terms Agreement (sorry, no alterations or substitutions).

Program Fee: no charge

Ground Rules

Vendor Coverage

License Management Programs covers licenses from Atlassian, and Atlassian Marketplace Vendors, and most other Third-Party Atlassian Add-on Vendors.

Budget Cycle Alignment

Brikit will work with your fiscal account year and budget cycles to provide quotes for new licenses and renewals to support forecast planning.

Price Change Monitoring

Brikit will monitor vendors for price changes that affect your purchases and renewals, and will provide notification within 30 days of announced changes along with renewal quotes to extend original pricing when available (subject to vendor restrictions).

License Renewal Alignment

Brikit will work with vendors to align renewal dates to provide a single renewal quote and payment. (Not available with some third-party vendors.)

License Tracking

You will provide Brikit with details for license management, which Brikit will maintain on your private Confluence portal on our servers. Access includes up to three user accounts. Your portal will be maintained for one year after completion of last license management year, service package, maintenance contract, or punchcard. User accounts inactive for six months will be automatically disabled (simply contact us to reactivate)