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Information Architecture Package


Confluence, Theme Press, and the typical constellation of add-ons provide an awesome set of powerful capabilities. However, left unmanaged, collaboration occurs sporadically in a "Wild West" fashion, and over time can become a sprawling mess.

Our Information Architecture Package guides you in laying a solid foundation by mapping your organizational structures and concepts onto tool features, so your collaboration platform fits your community like a glove. Presenting organized, familiar concepts keeps your users oriented and contributing in the right places, and boosts adoption rates dramatically.

Process includes:

  • documenting your information architecture
    • structure
    • labels
    • navigation
    • permissions
  • a wireframes demonstration site built out with the information architecture where you can "live in it" to enrich your feedback
    • space exports you can upload to your site
  • four revision cycles

Covered by the Service Terms Agreement (sorry, no alterations or substitutions).

Complete package: $19,000

Service Description

 Full Process

Over the course of ~9 weeks, here's how it works:



Review project requirements

Brikit & You


Complete questionnaire



Information design build 1



Deliver build 1 and walk-through

Brikit & You


Build 1 feedback



Information design build 2



Deliver build 2 and walk-through

Brikit & You


Build 2 feedback



Information design build 3



Deliver build 3 and walk-through

Brikit & You


Build 3 feedback



Information design build 4



Deliver final build 4 and walk-through

Brikit & You

Ground Rules

Together, we will complete the following checklist to develop your Information Architecture. A couple of notes:

  • Each review cycle is open for one week.
  • All delivery items will be deployed to, and available on your private portal.
  • If needed, you may put the process on "vacation hold" for up to one year.
  • For best results, we recommend doing this in parallel with our Theme Package.
  • This package does not include installation or configuration of software, content, or package deliverables on your server. Additional assistance is available with Service Punchcards.

The Information Architecture Package process will be supported with your private portal (Confluence spaces) on our servers, which includes up to three user accounts. Your portal will be maintained for one year after completion of last service package, theme maintenance contract, or punchcard. User accounts inactive for six months will be automatically disabled (simply contact us to reactivate).


To make the Information Architecture Package as cost-effective as possible, the process is tightly defined (see above). If needed, additional assistance is available through Service Punchcards for the following items that are not included:

  • Graphic design
  • Content creation, editing, or migration
  • Site buildout (beyond the demonstration site mentioned above)
  • Training
  • Work performed on your servers (for example: installing/configuring the Information Architecture Package deliverables, VPN and user account setup, reviewing content, add-on installation, troubleshooting, etc.)


Sometimes the unexpected happens, and changes to the above process are needed. Here are variations we've encountered that incur additional costs:

  • Additional vacation holds
  • Major revision to scope after sign off
  • Change target Confluence version after sign off
  • Additional review cycle
  • Additional year of maintaining your portal
  • Additional user account to your portal