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Employee Communications Strategy Package

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Align employees with your mission and show them how to contribute.


Bring your mission, business goals, and messaging strategy to life through your corporate intranet.

Our Employee Communications Strategy Package guides you in laying a solid foundation for engaging and leading your employees. Presenting clear, consistent, and actionable information will keep your team aligned and moving in the right direction.

Process includes:

  • Interview and questionnaire assessments
  • A comprehensive framework for employee comms
  • A pre-launch demo site with employee comms integrated with your corporate intranet
  • Exports you can upload to your site
  • Up to four revision cycles

Covered by the Service Terms Agreement (sorry, no alterations or substitutions).

Complete Package: Discontinued

Service Description

 Full Process

Here's how it works:

1Employee comms kickoff initial interviewBrikit & You1
2Create your private portal to guide the processBrikit 
3Provide your mission, goals, existing communications strategy, and related materialsYou 
4Review materials and create a tailored written questionnaireBrikit 
5Think about and answer the written questionnaireYou 
6Sign off on Confluence software versionYou 
7Review questionnaire and interview resultsBrikit & You2
8Prepare your employee comms framework and initial demo with your corporate intranetBrikit 
9 Review 1 Brikit & You3
10Review and Feedback Cycle 1You 
11Revision 1Brikit 
12 Review 2 Brikit & You4
13Review and Feedback Cycle 2You 
14Revision 2Brikit 
15 Review 3 Brikit & You6
16Review and Feedback Cycle 3You 
17Revision 3Brikit 
18 Review 4 Brikit & You7
19Review and Feedback Cycle 4You 
20Final revisionBrikit 
21 Deliver employee communications strategy framework and exports Brikit8
22Upload framework and exports to your serverYou 
23Handoff meeting and Q&A sessionBrikit & You 

Ground Rules

The full process typically takes 8-10 weeks from start to finish. A couple of notes:

  • Each review cycle is open for one week
  • All deliverables will be deployed to, and available on your private portal
  • This package does not include installation or configuration of software, content, or package deliverables on your server. Additional assistance is available with Service Punchcards.

The Employee Communications Strategy Package process and Service Punchcard requests and tracking will be supported with your private portal on our servers, which includes up to three user accounts. Your portal will be maintained for one year after completion of last service package or punchcard. User accounts inactive for six months will be automatically disabled (simply contact us to reactivate).


To make the Employee Communications Strategy Package as cost-effective as possible, the process is tightly defined (see above). If needed, additional assistance is available through Service Punchcards for the following items that are not included:

  • Graphic design
  • Information design (defining spaces, permissions, etc., also called "information architecture")
  • Content creation, editing, or migration
  • Identity/Brand Material build out (color palette and logos, for example)
  • Training
  • Work performed on your servers (for example: installing/configuring the deliverables, VPN and user account setup, reviewing content, add-on installation, troubleshooting, etc.)


Sometimes the unexpected happens, and changes to the above process are needed. Here are common variations we've encountered and their associated costs:

  • Change Confluence version after sign off (half a Service Punchcard)
  • Additional review cycle (one Service Punchcard)
  • Additional year of maintaining your portal (half a Service Punchcard)
  • Additional user account to your portal (half a Service Punchcard per year)