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Custom Pre-Project Package

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Needs analysis and training to minimize your customization or clean-up budget.

Useful when:

  • Your complex goals don't match easily to platform features
  • Your needs lie between "should be possible" and "needs customization"
  • You want to prioritize investment according to value



Eliminate the guesswork and unnecessary spending when considering custom services. Reduce project scope where possible through training and mapping requirements to existing product features. Reduce what's left into concrete terms, emphasizing a minimalist approach to ensure ROI before committing budgets.

Expert consulting help to:

  • review RFP or other project requirements
  • prioritize goals based on product features versus customizations
  • recommend add-ons or pre-existing solutions
  • suggest alternate approaches to minimize cost
  • breakdown work and estimate costs

Note: for larger or more complex project requirements, additional Service Punchcards may be recommended.

Covered by the Service Terms Agreement (sorry, no alterations or substitutions).

Complete Package: Discontinued

Service Description

 Full Process

Here's how it works:

1Provide your mockups, RFP, and other project requirementsYou1
2Pre-Project kickoff to review documents and confirm understandingBrikit & You 
3Create your portal to guide the processBrikit 
4Breakdown requirements, recommend 80%-100% non-custom solutions (based on existing product features), provide high/medium/low effort assessments for remaining itemsBrikit 
5Live meeting to review recommended approach, customizations, and manual services; identify customizations worth pursuingBrikit & You2
6Revise recommendations and estimates for training, on-system work, and specifications for desired customizationsBrikit 
7Review updated recommendationsYou 
8Final review meeting and Q&A session; determine next stepsBrikit & You 

Ground Rules

The full process typically takes two weeks from start to finish. A couple of notes:

  • All deliverables will be deployed to, and available on your private portal

The Custom Pre-Project Package process and Service Punchcard requests and tracking will be supported with your private portal (Confluence spaces) on our servers, which includes up to three user accounts. Your portal will be maintained for one year after completion of last service package, theme maintenance contract, or punchcard. User accounts inactive for six months will be automatically disabled (simply contact us to reactivate).


To make the Custom Pre-Project Package as cost-effective as possible, the process is tightly defined (see above). If needed, additional assistance is available through Service Punchcards  for the following items that are not included:

  • Content creation, editing, or migration
  • Training
  • Work performed on your servers (for example: reviewing existing systems, VPN and user account setup, add-on installation, troubleshooting, and other work performed on your servers)


Sometimes the unexpected happens, and changes to the above process are needed. Here are common variations we've encountered and their associated costs:

  • Vacation holds (half a Service Punchcard)
  • Additional review cycle (half a Service Punchcard)
  • Additional year of maintaining your portal (half a Service Punchcard)
  • Additional user account to your portal (half a Service Punchcard per year)