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  • Targeted Search

Find what you need on Atlassian Confluence, fast.

Point-and-click advanced search for Atlassian Confluence that delivers relevant results

Information Design Collaboration


Targeted Search is compatible with Confluence Server and Data Center deployments.

Take the guesswork out of organizing content

Define groups of filters with team-friendly names and specify where they apply. Organize pages, blogposts, files, and images with labels to make them easily discoverable. 

Drill down to find exactly what you're looking for

Embed pre-configured search fields, handy links, and attention-grabbing buttons to initiate fast and focused lookups. Refine search results with point-and-click simplicity and filters that work like your favorite online shopping sites.

Keep pace with your
fast-growing information needs

Deploy Targeted Search to select Atlassian Confluence spaces for team use, or site-wide for a consistent search experience. Update with bulk relabeling to stay in sync as your organization grows.

Want To Organize and Find Confluence Content Fast?