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Pin and share ideas in Atlassian Confluence

Build social networks that engage your team with what's trending in Atlassian Confluence


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Instantly see what's trending across your enterprise

Visually share and discover popular images, files, pages, and blogposts from anywhere in Atlassian Confluence. Define boards with labels that capture topics of interest, types of content, or ideas you'd like to share.  Create boards for your company, your team, or yourself.

Discover experts, muses, and like-minded people

Watch topics or ideas instead of spaces. Find who's new, who's done it before, who knows the most, and who's game based on each board's activity stream.

Spark social engagement across your teams

Apply labels to surface ideas  in one or more  infinite-scroll boards. Like, comment, and share to feed activity streams. No page loads. No training. No clicking around.

Want To Engage Your Team?