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Bringing Teams


Fast-growing and Fortune 500 companies Trust Brikit

Collaboration Hubs Designed
for Distributed Teams


Bring Your Teams To Work

A Global Sports Retailer
Brings Worldwide Marketing Teams To Work

60 marketing teams
6 geographies
10 product categories
1 hour per week

“What used to take hours now takes minutes.
And that is multiplied across everyone on the team."

A Leading Communications Provider

Brings New Hires and Growing Teams To Work

850 employees
33% headcount growth
24 countries
1 great first impression

“The cost savings over the previous solution ... were almost unbelievable."

A Fortune 500 Supply Chain Manager

Brings Partner Teams To Work

1 million products
400 suppliers
250 distribution centers
1 seamless process

“We’ve organized a ton of moving parts from district offices up to HQ. Not only does this save a huge amount of time, it protects our supplier quality, so we can be here for another 140 years"

One Integrated Platform
that Works the Way

Want To Bring Your Teams To Work?