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Templates and Blueprints

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Template pages are pre-structured pages that are maintained on a space or site level. Their purpose is to make it easier for users to create content that stays consistent in form and structure

Confluence templates and Brikit Blueprints allow you to create pre-formatted and structured content that your users can apply to your site easily and quickly. It allows for consistency as your site grows and helps users to build new pages without forgetting important pieces they need to include.

Blueprints vs. Templates

Confluence provides several built-in blueprints which are a combination of page templates. They help users create content for things like:

  • how-to articles
  • JIRA reports
  • meeting notes
  • product requirements
  • retrospectives
  • task reports

While users add templates within the interface, programmers develop blueprints outside the interface. This discrepancy is due to the fact that blueprints offer advanced features like setup wizards.

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Slightly different than templates, blueprints are implemented on a global (site-wide) scale. Space administrators, however, can hide (disable) blueprints for a particular space.

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