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Targeted Search 1.2.3 Release Notes

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Released to the Atlassian Marketplace on June 14, 2019.  

This release is primarily a Confluence compatibility release and contains minor improvements and bug fixes.

Brikit Targeted Search 1.2.3 is compatible with Confluence Server 6.3.x through 6.15.x




SEARCH-414Shortcut 'gg' not working when replacing Confluence search box
SEARCH-556From Confluence 6.7 without Theme Press, page icon overlaps in search result screen
SEARCH-561Label selector not working for space categories in Confluence 6.10.x
SEARCH-562Quick results overlap confluence search box
SEARCH-615Filter groups are not visible when visibility is explicitly set to spaces with certain category labels
SEARCH-616Replace Confluence search not working in Confluence 6.14
SEARCH-649Rich link display should be off by default for search results when Theme Press is not applied
SEARCH-650Human-readable labels do not always display on initial page load

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