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The Theme Press Designer allows you to limit access to individual pages.

In addition to normal page-level restrictions available through Confluence, page-level administration is handled largely through the Theme Press Designer.

In Theme Press 2.0, we introduced the ability to grant access to Designer tabs.

At the bottom of each tab in the Designer is the Access accordion. From here, you determine who can see the current tab. In order to see this accordion, you must be a space or Confluence administrator.

Page Tab

(generic and architect pages)
Architect TabTheme Tab

Access permissions for the Page and Architect tabs apply to the current space. For the Theme tab, access permissions apply across the site.

Grant Access

To grant access, complete the following steps.


User groups must have space edit (add) permissions to see the tab.

  1. Open the appropriate tab in the Designer:
    1. Page (generic page)
    2. Page (architect page)
    3. Architect
    4. Theme
  2. Expand the Access accordion.
  3. In the User Groups field, add one or more groups.

Page Restrictions

If the user cannot see the Page or architect tabs, verify that the user can edit the page.

If you leave the User Groups field blank, the following users can see each tab.

Pagepage editor
Bannerpage editor
Headerpage editor
Layoutpage editor
Menupage editor
Footerpage editor
Architectspace administrator
ThemeConfluence administrator

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