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Override a Layout on a Page

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Overriding the Default Layout

Sometimes, you'll want to change the layout of one, specific page. It's easy to use a different layout for a single page by overriding the default space layout.

The structure of your page begins with an originating or source layout. Your information architect sets this source as the default at the site or space level. However, as a page author, you can choose a different layout for the page. To override the default, complete the following procedures:

  1. Open the Theme Press Designer
  2. Open the Page tab
  3. Expand the Page Design* accordion.
  4. Click the Override Layout button

  5. Select the radio button that corresponds to the appropriate layout
  6. Wait for the page to refresh


Clicking on the eye icon () will take you directly to that layout in the Theme Press Default space.


*Page Design was known as Layout Source in earlier versions of Theme Press.

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