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Migrating a Site to a New Server

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Procedures for migrating site components from one server to another.

Procedures to migrate your spaces, themes, and architect pages from one server to another.

Best practice is to always develop new content and sites on a test server first, test thoroughly, and then move the site to a visible production server. As such, this is a process that you might have to repeat on multiple occasions.

Install Theme Press on the new server.

Use the Atlassian Confluence procedures for exporting and  importing XML versions of a space. Exports include Theme Press settings for the s pace and its pages.

Where is my content?

Imported content may not appear until Confluence indexes it.

Use the procedures for managing themes to:

  • download custom themes from current server
  • upload custom themes to new server
  • set the site theme on new server

Follow the download and upload procedures to:

A second option is to export the entire Theme Press Default space (space key: themepressdefault), then upload it to the new server. The export includes all pages in the space.

Follow the Atlassian documentation for configuring your site homepage on your new server to match your current server.

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