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About the .json File

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The .json file contains information related to some important parts of your Blueprint. You'll edit and modify the file and then upload it to your site.

Here are some of the areas that your .json file contains objects for:

  • Space Blueprints
  • Page Blueprints
  • Blueprint Fields
  • Space Permissions
  • Space and Page Metadata


This file allows you to define certain aspects of the Blueprints wizard and templates. For example, you define:

  • spaces and pages that should act as templates
  • names and descriptions of templates that appear in the wizard
  • substitution fields that should appear in the wizard

More specifically, the file contains key/value pairs per object, and you enter values for each applicable key

Test File

To help you start, download this test file.

Refer to the links above for information on the specific objects in the file and how they relate to the interface.

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