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We create smart virtual workspaces for business and non-technical teams, using proven services and products that accelerate employee on-boarding, retain company knowledge, and engage your entire organization.

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Our Team

Darryl Duke


About Darryl

Pathological optimist and believer in human potential. Can't resist a brilliant technology with a pretty face.

Passionate about food and sailing, avoids mixing the two.

Most recent abandoned project: learn to sleep on a plane.

Kelli Hoyt

Creative Director

About Kelli

Having traveled the globe for a dozen years, this Northwest native is happy to be back in Portland, Oregon where she leads our design team.

Playtime? Swapping pixels for paintbrushes, soaking up the rapidly disappearing days with her teenage sons, and feeding her inner City Mouse…

Catherine Norman

Advisor, Marketing

About Catherine

Wisconsin transplant now rooted in Silicon Valley. High-tech marketing and communications strategy junkie.

Occasionally sneaks out to rollerblade, followed by her animatronic teddy bear (which she truly believes is a real dog).

Katie Thomas

Client Services Manager

About Katie

Once bitten by a radioactive spider, now spinning webs of collaboration. Defender of the creative potential in everyone, protector of the next big idea, fighting for all that is unique in the world.

California by birth, Portland by trade (with some Amsterdam in-between).

Known for: Catching last chair on the slopes, red-eye flights to the tropics, and serving up a mean Beyonce at Karaoke night.

Bridget Prendergast

Lead Designer

About Bridget

This midwest gal left home in search of adventure and has since fallen in love with all things Portland. Likes include organization, assembly instructions, collaboration, crossing things off lists, and of course…bacon!

When she’s not exercising her right brain, she’s probably taking way too many pictures of her dog, Greta.

Alex Conde

Software Engineer

About Alex

Spanish by birth, Irish in his heart, and Amsterdamer by choice. Alex has extensive experience in both support and development. This Confluence connoisseur can help you get the most of your servers.

When he is not in front of a computer, he is probably playing streetball, strumming his guitar, or boating along the canals of Amsterdam. You will also find him enjoying the sunset with a cold beer in his hand on one of the many terraces of Amsterdam.

Ricardo Martins

Software Engineer

About Ricardo

Your friendly neighborhood support guy based in Amsterdam. When he's not answering your questions, he is fixing bugs or making sure that our products are compatible with the latest and greatest.

He can also tell you everything about the DC and Marvel comics history and continuity, but please don't ask him if he has finished the cast puzzle level 6 he has been struggling with for weeks.

Dave Alston

Lead Designer

About Dave

I'm a bike geek, designer and front-end developer originally from Northern Arizona. I've been in Portland for about 5 years and still feel lucky and excited to be in the PNW.

I love helping brands find their voice and keeping up with modern web technologies.

Paige Nuzzolillo

Product Trainer/Project Manager

About Paige

Connecticut native who spent years living in bustling NYC and Spain, was motivated to make a recent move to the PNW because of the endless mountains and water for play.

Excited by teamwork, teaching, elegant UX, adventuring, closing JIRA tickets, road-tripping, writing instructions and documentation, finding new bands to sing along to, climbing mountains and mastering new software.

Ada Kardos

Information Architect

About Ada

Midwest to West Coast transplant loving the lack of mosquitoes but missing evening fireflies. Thinks (probably too much) about how the things we interact with can be more useful, usable, and beautiful.

Spends the rest of her time drinking lots of tea and hanging around with her lovely family while convincing her kiddo that playing the cello, skiing, and reading comics are all excellent ways to enjoy life.

Terri Northcutt

Information Design Director

About Terri

Born in California, raised in the midwest, she embodies midwestern practicality and a west-coaster's love of life. Moved to Seattle, promptly fell in love with the rain, and now considers herself a true Seattelite.

A librarian by trade, she loves organizing things, making information findable, and, of course, books. When not curled up with her nose in a book and a cat on her lap, she is out running ridiculously long distances or hiking with her dog.

Corrigan Goda

Business Operations Manager

About Corrigan

Born to the swamps (Louisiana) and forged in the heat (Hotlanta). Corrigan is subject to genetic nomadic tendencies now tempered by parenthood. She has lived between Seattle, Portland, and Hawaii for 20 years and will travel to bring her family to the sunshine and warm waters.

Likes nothing more than sorting out logistical puzzles, keeping things moving forward and planning fun events. (Except maybe motorcycle riding. Or sharing a bottle of scotch with a friend.) Prefers riding her motorcycle to remote destinations in search of friends, fine food and scotch sipping. (In that order, too)

Charlie Levenson

Content Writer

About Charlie

Charlie moved his family from California to the Pacific Northwest after hearing that children grow better when watered regularly (they did). He’s been active in interactive media production as well as professional development since 1989.

When not assembling words and sentences out of 26 letters and an assortment of punctuation, he can be found behind a chess board, poker chips or a non-digital book. He also cares for feral cats regularly and delivers Ignite! presentations periodically.


Bryan Alipiev

Enterprise Collaboration Consultant

About Bryan


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Our Values

We are passionate about our values.

They drive our thoughts and actions in work and life. By them we measure ourselves, our products and services, and our company.