By Darryl Duke | November 11, 2015

Follow Ideas and Topics instead of Pages and Spaces

So you've got Atlassian Confluence and you're all sharing pages and publishing posts. But do you really know what's trending with your team and your organization? Can you easily see what's trending, and who's engaged?

Now with Brikit Pinboards, our new software add-on for Confluence, you can. Just like Pinterest, Pinboards gives you a bird's eye view of what your company or your team has been up to and what it finds interesting. Instead of watching spaces or following people, with Pinboards you follow topics or ideas to quickly find out who's doing what and who knows the most based on each board's activity stream.

With Pinboards, you can easily share anything… It turns Confluence into a truly social intranet.

How does it work?

Brikit Pinboards gathers content from personal, department, or project spaces — creating social forums that cut across space boundaries.

  1. Start by placing a Pinboard macro on a page. 
  2. Configure the scope — identify the labels and spaces to review.
  3. The Pinboard will render matching blogposts and pages, images, or links to other file types. No worries if your content isn't image-rich. Pinboards will render what you've got nicely.
  4. As users engage with the content – by sharing, liking, or commenting – that activity also becomes part of the visually engaging, infinitely scrolling boards.

With Pinboards, you can easily share anything. Confluence lets you share pages and blogposts. Pinboards adds image, file, and comment sharing. It turns Confluence into a truly social intranet.

Pair Pinboards with Brikit Targeted Search to make labeling and finding stuff on Atlassian Confluence a breeze. Create boards for your company, your team, or yourself. Capture topics of interest, fresh content, or ideas you want to share. Ask folks to pin pictures of places they'd like to go for a team offsite or great examples of product UIs for inspiration. Add a Pinboard to create a team photo contest. Then watch your team feed the content stream with their likes, shares, comments, and new content.

With Pinboards, there are no page loads, no training. Just dive in. It's addictive, social and always current — so you can stay current as well.